The Joy of Winter Gardens  

Winter gardens bring a special joy to the heart of any gardener. They take the time to appreciate the beauty of winter and the plants that stay outside all year long. They transform a cold, bleak landscape into something with colour, interesting shapes and movement. With a little bit of planning, you too can add interest and beauty to your garden during those long winter months. Here are a few simple things that make the transformation complete. Read more now on tengah ec floor plan

Certain plants are at the height of their beauty at this time of the year. Evergreens are an obvious plant that everyone thinks of … and why not? They look beautiful with snow-draped branches. Another plant that will help you to appreciate the beauty of winter is tall, ornamental grasses that move gently in the wind. Add in a recent snowfall and everything looks fresh and almost magical.

To add colour and breath-taking beauty, grow some berry-bearing trees. Picture colourful berries on bare branches highlighted by pure white snow. The most common tree to find in the wild is cranberry bushes. They are easy to grow and maintain, plus they bloom clusters of tiny whiter flowers in the spring. These bushes are beautiful all year long and during the winter months, the berries will attract birds with no effort on your part.

Winter is also the perfect time to sit and watch the birds. Place a bird feeder outside your house and close to a window. Inside, place a comfy chair near the window and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the birds as they come to the bird feeder, eat and chase other birds away. Hint – keep a path cleared to the bird feeder to make it easy to fill up. Once the food is gone, so are the birds.

Add interest to your garden by using permanent features. Include such items as bird feeders, stone pathways, statues and furniture. Place the items at odd angles so your eyes will follow the path they make. As well, use a few items that have an irregular shape to draw attention to that area. One thing to keep in mind when adding permanent features is to place the items so that you can always see at least one item, no matter where you are in your garden. Walk around and stop every few paces to take note of what items you can see all around you.

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